Glymnis Ultralight Outdoor Travel Hammock with Hanging Ropes and Steel Carabiners 275 x 140 cm Maximum Load 300 kg, Green – Grey


  • Strong and durable – weight including 2x carabiners and ropes in the retaining strap set is only 810g Glymnis double hammocks fit 2 people comfortably, lie down with your friend or loved one and you’ll both have plenty of space Thanks to the new 210T nylon (the same kind used in parachutes), Glymnis hammocks offer relaxing support for 200 kg
  • Ultra light and compact – these lightweight portable hammocks are suitable for camping or travel You will have everything you need for quick and easy hanging It takes less than 5 minutes to hang your camping hammock on a tree or other items nearby with the enclosed hammock straps
  • Great gift for all adults, children, travellers, beach-goers, campers, they all love our hammock It is a great gift for travelling, camping, backpacking or just hanging out on the patio and relaxing
  • The set includes a double camping hammock (275 x 140 cm), 2x ropes and 2x sturdy carabiners No more worrying about installation The outdoors should be more fun


Glymnis Travel Hammocks are ultra-small packable lightweight hammocks made from tear-resistant parachute silk specially designed for travel, trekking and hiking.

Caring for travel hammocks.

As parachute silk is a very robust and resistant fabric, care for travel hammocks is very rudimentary.

Parachute silk may usually be washed at 30 °C in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, but you must make sure that any hanging cords do not knot. For this purpose, the two sides of the cords should be knotted beforehand and the hammock should be put into the machine in a laundry bag or an old pillowcase.

Otherwise, be sure to allow the fabric to dry well before packing to avoid mould stains and mould if stored for too long. If you have to pack a wet hammock on the fast, you should leave it to dry extensively at home – but please do not tumble dry.

Lightweight nylon fabric

The high-quality functional nylon fabric is super comfortable, wafer-thin and resilient at the same time. It is also breathable and dries quickly.

Extra wide tree strap.

The 40 mm wide tree strap can be easily attached, provides optimal support and protects the bark.

Sewn Pouch

The practical storage bag is not only ideal for transporting, but also transforms into a conveniently accessible storage compartment for a small book, your sunglasses or for a small snack.




Quick drying.

Robust workmanship.

Maximum load of 180 kg.

Cool design.

Includes hanging kit and therefore ideal for on the go.

Easy to install and gentle on the tree.

Suitable for forest, beach and park

The right lying position.

If you want to lie comfortably in a travel hammock or even sleep, please make sure to use the right lying position. It is only important to place digitally instead of the length in the cloth surface. So your body stretches the fabric on its own and above all, the back is significantly less bent and all the more relaxed.

The hammocks are correct: Diagonal instead of the length

Diagonal lie instead of the length

To find the right lying position, sometimes you have to practice a little in the hammock. Few people are used to sleeping in the hammock, which is why it is sometimes difficult for beginners. With a little practice, everyone will find a comfortable lying position – provided the hammock is not too small.

Box contents:

2 x 2.00 m rope (8 mm thick), 2 x steel carabiner glymnis travel hammock.


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