Glymnis Hiking Poles / Trekking Poles / Walking Poles, 7075 Aluminium, Adjustable between 110-130 cm, Clamp Lock, 4 Pairs of Rubber Buffers for Trekking


  • Made of durable 7075 aluminium alloy: The walking pole is made from a lightweight 7075 aluminium alloy with one of the highest strengths commonly used in the aviation industry. A special surface treatment provides a protective coating against corrosion. They come with 2 protective caps, 2 asphalt pads, 2 small screw plates for trekking, 2 screw plates for snow and 2 S-shaped buckles to offer you complete support. It is an excellent gift for anyone.
  • Quick length adjustment and 36-130 cm extension length: The Glymnis trekking poles can be extended from 36 cm to 130 cm and can be adjusted exactly to your preferred height. The outer clamp mechanism can be adjusted very quickly with little force and ensures that the segments are securely held so that the tubes do not slide together under heavy loads.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle: Comfortable handle made of high-density EVA foam, not cold in winter, absorbs sweat in summer. The breathable hand straps are used to secure and support the hand position. They absorb the load and therefore allow a more fluid sequence of movements.
  • Stable and durable: The cushioning ensures that sensitive wrists are protected. Shoulders and elbows are also less strained. The tip is made of tungsten steel and provides good grip, especially on uneven, rocky terrain as it grips almost all surfaces and is extremely friction-resistant.
  • The best trekking poles: The Glymnis 5-part hiking pole has a removable Velcro fastener so that the 5 parts can be dismantled and connected with the Velcro. Or you can slide the 5 parts together. The minimum adjustment length of 36 cm offers more possibilities for more people. The most suitable height for trekking poles is your height x 0.68.
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Do I need strong trekking poles?

Secure your grip on streams, wobbly floors, stiff, loose terrain. You will always rely on your sticks, especially if you have balance disorders or are prone to trip hazards! Supports extra weight Keep the weight of the rude from falling into steep terrain.

If you are recovering from injuries but still enjoy hiking, the 7075 aluminium poles offer the support you can rely on.

Installation instructions:

How to attach the trekking pole?

Step 1: Install the 3 poles at the bottom first.

Step 2: Two hands hold the third and fourth poles

Step 3: Pull strong on both sides, the spring button pop up and the installation is complete.

Attention: Pull out the third tube vigorously from the second tube until the metal knob is submerged and locked well.

How to adjust the length?

Step 1: Find the white quick release under the handle

Step 2: Open the white part

Step 3: Slide up and down to adjust the length. The length range is 110 to 130 cm. Suitable for people with a height of 163 cm to 190 cm.

Box contents:

  • 2 x Glymnis walking poles
  • 1 x carrying bag.
  • 2 x S-shaped buckles
  • 2 x snow plates.
  • 2 x rubber buffers
  • 2 x protective caps.
  • 2 x asphalt pads.

Height adjustment of the trekking poles

Length range: 110 – 130 cm body size: 163 – 190 cm

The adjustable length from 110 cm to 130 cm offers more possibilities for more people.

Suitable for people from 163 cm to 190 cm.

Tips: The best suitable height for trekking poles is = your size * 0.68

Warm tips

You should be so high that the arm reaches an angle of 90 degrees when holding the stick handle in hands and the stick stands vertically on the ground.

Hiking tips

When using hiking poles on the mountain, it is recommended that the lower end of the hiking pole is at 1/2 of the calf;

The distance between the foot and the walking stick should be half a step.

When climbing mountains.

Trim the poles by a few centimetres to increase the load capacity.

On a flat base

Your forearms should be parallel to the ground when holding the handles and the tips lay on the floor.

Will they fit in my bag?

Weight: 390g x 2 folded size: 36 cm

Folding walking poles are smaller than telescopic poles and have a small pack size.

Easy to use

Proprietary flat lid lock: allows for a quick assembly of the sticks. Folding lock system: Adjustable height with a click. Velcro fastening: for compact storage when not in use.

Glymnis Walking Poles

Natural cork grip 7075 space aluminium alloy, shock and noise absorbent, small volume, only 36 cm after folding, durable easy quick lock tungsten steel tip, 4 season accessories

Protective caps

Snow plate

Rubber buffer

Asphalt pads


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