Glymnis Hiking Poles Trekking Poles Nordic Walking Poles 7075 Aluminium Lightweight Adjustable 65 – 135 cm Hiking Poles with 4 Pairs of Rubber Buffer for Trekking


  • ­čîÁHigh quality: made from 7075 aluminium, our trekking poles withstand pressure and impacts better than those made of ordinary carbon fibre. They have a high stability and are virtually unbreakable. The poles make a perfect walking and hiking aid for steep ascents, downhill, rough terrain, or simply for hiking. They reduce fatigue and pain in your joints and muscles. Especially in the shoulders and knees.
  • ­čî┤Adjustable: the hiking poles can be individually adjusted to any length between 65 – 135 cm thanks to the quick-lock system. Hiking poles for women, men or children. Please note – when adjusting the length, do not exceed the “Stop” line, otherwise the trekking pole will be damaged. ­čĹë The most suitable height for trekking poles = your height (cm) x 0.68.
  • ÔśüErgonomic: Very comfortable cork handle, not cold in winter and sweat-absorbing in the summer. The adjustable wrist straps with soft fleece lining will win you over with their high level of comfort and breathability. EVA foam handles allow a secure grip in extreme terrain conditions.
  • ­čî▒Lightweight: When folded, the poles are 65 cm long, only 279 g per pole, and fit comfortably in your backpack. Assembly is simple and takes only a few seconds.
  • ­čŹüFeatures: They come with 2 protective caps, 2 asphalt pads, 2 small screw plates for trekking, 2 screw plates for ski and 2 S-shaped buckles to provide you complete support. Whether ice, snow, stone or asphalt. The extensive accessories and the high-quality tungsten carbide tip ensure you are ready for any weather conditions. Includes a sturdy bag for safe storage.
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The ergonomically shaped cork handles are fine-pored and absorb your sweat without leaving any residue. In addition, they offer a pleasantly warm grip in winter. EVA foam handles allow a secure hold in extreme terrain. The hand straps are also 100% individually adjustable. You can decide for yourself whether you want to support your wrists or just use them as a loose fit.


When using the trekking pole, please remember to use a bracelet, otherwise the trekking pole can slip off when climbing. The bracelet can prevent this. Direction of the handle: Please turn the curved side forward, so that the palm is not hurt if accidentally dropped.

It is very convenient to fold the poles to original length for storage, just put them in the zipper carry bag and store all your trekking gear in one place! The compact size makes them easy to store in your backpack.

The hiking poles help to maintain the balance of the body and relieve the knees when ascent and descending. Especially in extraordinary situations or when crossing difficult river crosses, the poles quickly become an indispensable safety equipment and provide additional stability.

Ultimately, the poles even help to optimise posture: By using hiking poles, we run a little straighter and provide relief for the back.

Quick lock system.

How to use the quick lock.

1. Open the quick lock.

2. Set the desired length.

Note: The upper and lower part must be adjusted at the same time.

3. Turn the screw to adjust the tightness.

Close the quick lock.

Note: Please press down the trekking pole before use to check if it is locked. Avoid the quick lock slipping down during use.

Please note:

Do not pull the hose over the Stop mark while adjusting the length, otherwise the trekking pole will break. When the tip of the rod is stuck, do not shake it and try to pull it out vertically. This trekking pole reduces foot pressure and supports mountaineering. Do not exert the power of the whole body on the trekking pole, otherwise the trekking poles can bend and break. When ascending, pay attention to the distance from others.

Very light.

Only 279 g (the weight of a trekking pole), suitable for light and medium-heavy hikes.

Telescopic pole for optimal length adjustment.

The popular hiking pole can be easily adjusted in length and ideally adapted to your height. Due to manual adjustment of the length, the pole can be easily used by several people and easily stored. The length of the hiking pole should be adjusted so that the elbow with the pole forms a right angle when walking. In this position, the arm can optimally transfer the weight to the pole. The ideal length of the hiking pole is different from person to person and from the circumstances. When ascending, the poles become shorter compared to flat terrain and longer when going downhill.

How do I adjust the trekking pole to the height that best suits you?

Please follow the formula:

The most suitable height for trekking poles = height x 0.68.

Example: Its height is 180 cm, so the height of your trekking pole is

180 ├Ś 0.68 = 122.4 cm.

So please adjust the trekking pole to 48 inches.

Rubber tip protection.

Concrete floor, slate floor, asphalt road.

Snow plates.

In winter, the snow plate prevents the walking pole from falling into the snow.

Mud plate.

Mud, desert

Rubber buffer.

Normal terrain, protection tip.

Package contents:

2 x walking poles, 2 x mud plates, 2 x connections, 2 x snow plates, 2 x Nordic walking pads, 1 x high-quality carry bag.

Includes sturdy bag for safe storage.

The dirty hiking poles will not pollute your car or other items.

Note: Rubber buffers are consumables. It wears off after a while. You can buy it on Amazon.


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