Glymnis Yoga Mat, Exercise Mat Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Non-Slip Exercise Mat, Fitness Mat for Yoga/Pilates/Fitness with Carry Strap and Cleaning Cloth, 183 cm x 61 cm x 0.6 cm


  • Safe, non-toxic material: Made of high-quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), this yoga mat is hypoallergenic, PVC-free, metal-free, non-irritating, phthalate-free and heavy metal free. This material is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. And there are other advantages: Natural oxidative cracking, can be recycled, avoid pollution, good elasticity, strong resilience. You can use it with confidence.
  • Non-slip: The yoga mat is non-slip and durable. The extra-thick and recessed texture means that both the top and underside of the yoga mat have good anti-slip properties. So it only moves very slightly during different training positions.
  • Very soft: Thanks to the 0.6 cm thick material, it is especially easy on the joints and pleasantly soft. It provides maximum comfort for the knees, elbows and hips. As a safe support, it is perfect for most yoga styles as well as aerobics, Pilates, gymnastics, back and stomach muscle training, pregnancy exercises, workouts, strength training and children’s gymnastics.
  • Easy-care: The yoga mats are very easy to clean. They can be easily washed with a soft brush (or a cloth) and soapy water. The colour intensity is retained. Our yoga mats can easily be stored rolled up.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: Perfect size: 183 x 61 x 0.6 cm. Professional yoga mat with high density and great support is suitable for various yoga movements. Our yoga mat is light enough to carry to the gym or other places with the carrying strap. You will receive: 1 x yoga mat, 1 x carrying strap, 1 x small towel.


The TPE material has a significantly higher density than NBR and PVC. This makes the mats perfect for yoga, gymnastics and other sports. They are not too soft, but not too hard.

183 x 61 x 0.6 cm professional yoga mat with high density, great support and quick clamping back folder is suitable for various yoga movements. Thanks to the thick material of 0.6 cm, it is particularly gentle on the joints and pleasantly soft.

Double layer structure design, optimal grip, excellent cushioning and double-sided non-slip texture, ideal for practicing many forms of yoga. Does not slip on wood in the floor, tiles, cement stick.

Waterproof and easy to clean.

100% Waterproof You can wash the mat directly by hand if dirty. An odourless structure can effectively prevent sweat odour in the mat.

Non-slip surface.

Thanks to the profile on both sides, our yoga mats are particularly non-slip.

– On the front there is a beautiful pattern, which makes the mats very good slip resistance.

– On the back, the mats have a wave pattern, so the mats do not slip on the floor.


The multi-layer structure offers a high durability and long service life, which is characterised by a higher tear resistance.

Suitable for professionals and beginners.

183 cm long, 61 cm wide, 6 mm thick. Provides comfort for people of all shapes and sizes, for professionals and beginners. Provides the most comfortable experience for all yogis.

TPE with high density provides 30% more cushioning than conventional yoga mats to reduce the impact on your joint.

Easy to carry.

You can easily carry the mat with the carrying strap and store it after training.

Pack size: 60 x 13 x 13 cm.

Product weight: 900 g.

You will receive

1 x yoga mat.

1 x carrying strap.

1 x small towel.


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