Glymnis Dry Bag Waterproof Pack Sack 10L 20L Waterproof Bag with Bum Bag and Carry Strap Waterproof Bag for SUP Boat Kayak Fishing Beach and Water Sports


  • High-quality material: Glymnis dry bag is made of 500D PVC, which is scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, waterproof and dustproof. The improved buckle shape and material are more durable and have a longer service life than ordinary buckles
  • Multifunctional: In addition, a waterproof bum bag is included, which can hold a mobile phone with a 6.5 inch screen. Bright colours, even on the beach or in the water, you can see the backpack at a glance
  • Humanised design: there are two sizes (10 L / 20 L) to choose from. 10 L is equipped with a shoulder strap, 20 L is equipped with two shoulder straps, which can be freely adjusted and disassembled. Carry your waterproof bag like a backpack and your hands remain free for your activities
  • 100% waterproof: Glymnis dry bag is made of 100% waterproof material and has sealed seams. Protect all your items. Suitable for all types of water sports such as boating, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, surfing or playing on the beach
  • [Instructions] Please note that you need to roll the seal four or five times to ensure a better seal and close the buckle. We recommend that you store your electronic device in a separate waterproof bag to better protect your belongings


Glymnis Dry Bag keeps your belongings dry, clean, safe and protects them from sand, dust, water and snow, so you can enjoy outdoor sports to the fullest

Its waterproof, lightweight, compact and durable features make it an indispensable part of outdoor equipment and are suitable for a variety of activities such as beach, swimming, boating, canoeing, hiking, camping, surfing etc.

Let’s start a wonderful journey together!

Glymnis Dry Bag

Material: 500D thick nylon

Weight: 10 L: 320 g / 20 L: 440 g

Colour: Black / Orange / Blue / Light Green / White Blue

Capacity: 10 L / 20 L

Gentle reminder:

Please avoid sharp objects.

Do not soak in water for a long time.

Please test before use.

Box contents:

  • 10L dry bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a waterproof bum bag
  • 20L dry bag with two adjustable shoulder straps and a waterproof bum bag

Inside pocket

Inside the waterproof bag there is an inner pocket to store your valuables. The risk of water leakage from the outer pocket is avoided.

Note: Valuables or electronic products should be stored in an additional waterproof bag.

Different capacities

The waterproof 10L bag is equipped with a shoulder strap, the 20L with two shoulder straps. Convenient for you to carry your things and start a new adventure.

Excellent water resistance

The Glymnis waterproof bag uses seamless pressing technology that can reduce the risk of water leakage in the gap and protect your items better.

Equipped with bum bag

Each waterproof bag comes with a triple layer sealed waterproof bum bag. You can put small items such as keys, mobile phones, bank cards, etc.

Easy to carry

Beach holidays




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