Glymnis Snorkel Fins Adjustable Travel Size Swim Fin Open Heel Swimming Flippers with Mesh Bag for Snorkeling Diving and Swimming


Adjustable Open Heel Design:Adjustable open heel design, each fin can accommodate a larger size so that family members share fins.Equipped with a soft heel strap and a strong buckle, it is not only easy to adjust but also easy to put on and take off the fins.

Optimal Performance :This blade has a highly reactive material that ensures flexible and effective kicking without causing leg cramps. Compact length is perfect for traveling snorkeling fins, swimming and surfing.

Comfortability:It is comfortable to wear and supports a variety of wearing methods, such as using it barefoot or wearing socks.The heel strap shapes expertly to the curves of your foot.The bottom plate increases the strength of the legs, allowing you to pass water faster while reducing the pressure on your feet and legs.

Non-slip:It provides perfect flexibility and non-slip soles that can be easily moved in water and on land.The non-slip sole lets you traverse through rocks and seaweed without the worry of sharp objects and slippery surfaces.

Lightweight & Easy to Carry:The size and weight of the snorkeling fin make it an ideal fin for travel .It is easy to put them in a travel bag without taking up much space.

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